Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Feeling: Nostalgic... I've been thinking a lot lately about the amazing memories I have of the times I've spent with my grandparents.  Both grandparents on my dad’s side are with Jesus, and probably had the most amazing Easter EVER J My other grandparents are in Texas in the Winters.  This holiday we spent at home, without going to visit any of my family, which was odd for me (normal for hubby), because my husband was in the mini Passion skit at our church this year. I miss my home church and my family. I was pleasantly surprised when my Dad called Monday evening to say he was driving through our area to the cabin, and could we meet for dinner?!  Ummmm….. YES!   I am looking forward to seeing more of my family this coming weekend.

Reading:  My Bible App

Watching:  PERISCOPE!  And a  few YouTube videos (mostly art/junk journals and Planner related videos) – you can see a lot of what I’m watching if you follow me on Twitter (@createdbybarbi).

Listening To:  Periscope artists:  From NORWAY: Jon Harald @JonGjesdal,
FROM SOUTH AFRICA: Beautiful Piano Scopes by @IlseMazzone,
FROM CANADA: Sara Garber @saragarbermusic (warning Sara might have explicit lyrics at times & medical marijuana references).

Working On: Getting some of my Listia items ready to mail out, then working on catching up on label and stationery orders, among regular FT mom duties and taking care of a 5 yr old with Diabetes Type 1.

Needing:  Clean craft room (ongoing process), sort through clothes and extra items to donate to the Sonshine Closet, need to make a new Printable set for April (for my Happy Planner).

Wanting: Time to SLOOOOOW down (we can all dream, right?)
Excited:  That Spring is right around the corner (snow is mostly all melted now and the birds are back). Yes, I know it's "technically" Spring, but up North here it takes a bit longer.
Also looking forward to a Christian concert this Sat night (going with my mom).
Hoping: That things work out (can’t go into details right now…)

Loving: God, My family, my pets,  that my internet is working in the rain, planning in my new Happy Planner planner, that today the kids went back to school after a short Spring Break.