Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Feeling: Tired and sore. Dealing with a lot in life these days. Still healing from my back injury, and throwing chronic pain on top of my thyroid disease, let's just say I am surprised I'm still standing. Always worried about my hubby and kids, especially my youngest, who has Diabetes Type 1.  (Hubby has has strokes, and has heart issues, diabetes type 2, and a blood clotting factor that he's dealing with.) Medical bills? Don't get me started.

Reading:  My Bible App

Watching:  PERISCOPE!  And a  few YouTube videos (mostly art/junk journals and Planner related videos) – you can see a lot of what I’m watching if you follow me on Twitter (@createdbybarbi).

Listening To:  Periscope artists:  From NORWAY: Jon Harald @JonGjesdal JonHarald.com,
FROM SOUTH AFRICA: Beautiful Piano Scopes by @IlseMazzone,
my Christian Music Playlist on Spotify.

Working On: Posting a few destash items on my Instagram account, cleaning off my desk (a never-ending challenge), doing a zillion loads of laundry (where DO all these clothes COME FROM?), among regular FT mom duties and taking care of 3 fur-babies, and 2 boys, including a 6 yr-old with Diabetes Type 1.

Needing:  Clean craft room (ongoing process),  to donate a bunch of stuff to the Sonshine Closet, need to get started journaling and doing more in my planner again.

Wanting: To learn more how to make stickers on my Cricut Explore, so I can get my Etsy shop up and running. 
Excited:  That the boys get this Wed-Fri off (teacher conferences), and we are going to visit my parents for an extended few days & the weekend. Unfortunately, my hubby has to stay home for work... he's such a good hard-working man :)
Hoping: Always hoping and praying for a CURE for DIABETES! 

Loving: God, My family, my pets,  COFFEE, my internet friends, my great "new" internet that actually WORKS, bedtime.